Just a concept/mockup – FIRST STRIKE



Habib Malik Redux

Hello, my name is Habib Malik but you can call me Habib. I am a 16 year old high school student with high aspirations and below average outcomes. I love gaming and music. I hope to one day make my own game and my own music. I started this blog actually about a year ago and i never could really commit. I wanted to accomplish so much and i achieved so little. I told myself that i would blog everyday or at least as much as i could. but alas, it could not be done. The lazy inside me has spread like a plague and has no intention to stop. Welcome the re-boot, a different me. A personal blog filled with ideas and my imagination. This blog will become anything i want it to become, and i hope it becomes something greater. Wish me luck. Feedback appreciated. Oh and for anyone out their listening. Help Me…